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giclee print: Act of Kindness Ann's Garden giclee prints: Aptos Vista giclee prints: Beach Gulls
Act of Kindness
#101   14 x 21"
Ann's Garden
#242   14 x 21"
Aptos Vista
#150   14 x 21"
Beach Gulls
#197   21 x 29"
giclee prints: Beach Walk giclee prints: Begonia Festival View giclee prints: Best Friend giclee prints: Bridge View
Beach Walk
#108   14 x 21"
Begonia Festival View
#148   21 x 28"
Best Friend
#110   14 x 21"
Bridge View
#151   12 x 21"
giclee prints: Brown Pelican at Harbor giclee prints: Capitola Festival Day giclee prints: Capitola Festival View Watercolor painting
Brown Pelicans at Harbor
#260   14 x 21"
Capitola Festival Day
#199   21 x 29"
Capitola Festival View
#103   21 x 28"
Capitola Morning
 #254  14 x 21"
giclee prints: Capitola Train Trestle giclee prints: Capitola View giclee prints: Capitola Vision
Capitola Train Trestle
#113   14 x 21"
Capitola Venetian View
#114   14 x 21"
Capitola View
#115  21 x 29"
Capitola Vision
#212   21 x 28"
giclee prints: Carousel Watercolor Painting giclee prints: Coastal Bay View Down the Garden Path
#291   21 x 29"
Cement Ship Overlook
 #253 14x 21"
Coastal Bay View
#128   21 x 28"
Down the Garden Path
#239  21 x 14"
giclee prints: Edge of the Sea Watercolor Painting watercolor: Free To Fly Giclee print
Edge of the Sea
#213   21 x 28"
Girls on the Beach
#269  14 x 21"
Free to Fly
#218   21x 29"
Full Bloom
#263   14 x 21"

What is a Giclee Print?
A Giclee print is a high quality print which offers remarkable detail and the richest possible interpretation of my watercolor paintings. The word "Giclee" is a French word. The printers use saturated, water based archival dyes to produce a combination of 512 chromatic changes with more than three million color possibilities. Minute droplets of ink create prints that cannot be duplicated by other printing methods. There is no visible dot screen pattern. Thus, the resulting image has all the subtle tonalities of the original art. The layering of many veils of transparent saturated color in my watercolors were almost impossible to reproduce, but with this new technology, true reproductions of my original watercolors can be achieved. The Giclee prints of the original paintings are printed on archival watercolor paper and are  highest quality reproductions of my paintings are available for only a fraction of the price of the original.

Care for Giclee prints is the same as for original watercolors. Keep out of direct sun for prolonged periods of time and avoid moisture. For extra protection in a sun-filled room, use UV Protection glass or Plexiglas.

All of the artwork shown in this gallery is copyrighted by Karen Nevis.
All rights reserved. Do not duplicate without written permission.
Due to the varied monitor settings we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the color.
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